From June 19 to August 3rd, 2013 “The Truth Is…” project visited three Baltic states and four Scandinavian countries (see maps below). This is a video diary of the whole trip that shows how I traveled, people I met, places visited, cultures engaged with. What I did is fly to Vinius, Lithuania from NYC with a return ticket back to NY from Copenhagen, Denmark. After filming “The Truth Is…” project in Vilnius I hitchhiked to Riga, Latvia, filmed there for 5 days and then hitched a ride to Tallinn, Estonia. A week later from Tallinn I took a ferry to Helsinki, Finland to film the project there. A week or so later took another ferry, whooping 16.5-hour trip to Stockholm, Sweden. Upon completing filming in Stockholm I then hitchhiked to Oslo with some 200km left before arrival I got stuck in a Swedish town called Grums, spent the night there and took a 3-hour bus to Oslo. Filmed the project for 4 days in Oslo, very expensive city too, and then found a dirt-cheap bus ticket to Copenhagen, where I stayed for some 10 days filming the project before flying back to NYC.


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Video diary of this trip (most recent videos on top of this page)


Renat in Copenhagen, Denmark

Renat in Oslo, Norway

Renat in Stockholm, Sweden

Renat heading to Stockholm by ferry from Helsinki

Renat in Helsinki, Finland

Renat heading from Tallinn to Helsinki by ferry

Renat in Tallinn, Estonia

Renat Hitchhiking to Tallinn, Estonia from Riga, Latvia

Renat in Riga, Latvia

Renat Hitchhiking to Riga from Vilnius

Renat in Vilnius, last day before heading to Riga
Heading to Riga on June 25, 2013
Couchsurfed in Vilnius with Andrius and Gede (roomate), met up with Natalie and her 8-months old baby son Alex and her friend Tomas. What’s couchsurfing?
What I learnt in Vilnius; City population is half a million. Has the fastest fiber-optic internet in Europe. Younger people speak English, older generation speaks Russian and Lithuanian. It is located in the southeast of the country. Very green city filled with thousands of trees even in the center of the city. It is the second biggest city of the Baltic states, after Riga. The food and the air quality is way better than in NYC. some 100km away from Vilnius the air quality is even better due to more vegetation and trees. Cobble-stone streets in the city center, so if your bike has small wheels, good luck having a smooth ride. A lot of hills and curvy roads. People are generous and hospitable, at least the once I came across to.

Reporting live from Vilnius!