Manhattan is known for having the most barbers concentrated per square mile than any other metropolitan city in the US. How does a modern man select a barber shop to consistently receive quality haircutting service? These days one may visit online rating websites but they not always depict the true essence of a particular business. Enter, Quality Barbers, a barber shop with the word quality in its name. Opened in the Summer of 2011, the shop’s mission is to serve only the clientele with discerning taste for quality.

You gotta love people in order to care and do your absolute best, and do it consistently too, says the owner Ray, who is a second-generation barbers and has been cutting hair for over 20 years. Quality Barbers barber shop attracts men who work in various domains, which require them looking sharp and clean, but mainly they are CEO’s of major fortune 500 companies. Even the late Anthony Bourdain used to frequent Quality Barbers for several years, who discovered the shop simply by walking in one day and asking, “How long is the wait for a haircut?”

In 2013 Forbes magazine offered Quality Barbers to film a video in their barber shop in which a Hubspot specialist Dan Sally interviewed one of the owners of Quality Barbers. It then promoted the video in a full page promo in its magazine. Essentially, if the haircut is shaped right it does not need any hair product, no hair product will save a bad haircut, says the owner Ray. I recently got a haircut at Quality Barbers and I can attest to that, my hair flows organically and that makes me look and feel great. Do I recommend this shop? Absolutely, look no further if you want a peace of mind when it comes to your grooming needs.


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